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Performing Arts Festival

Volunteers required!
Competitor's Information

For a competitor, the most important Eisteddfod document is the Entry Booklet.
This sets out all the competitions (called "Sections") which the Eisteddfod intends to conduct.

It includes conditions of entry and the rules of competition. Please read these carefully, as they change from year to year.
It also contains Entry Forms for Individuals, small groups and large groups. Forms for Own Choice items and copyright declarations are also included.

The Entry Booklet is usually available in late March.
Frequently Asked Questions
Entering -

How do I enter?

See top of this page for an Entry Booklet..
It is imperative that you obtain a current Entry Booklet each year as rules may change

Where can I get the set poems?

Set poems are available for download (see above). Copies can also be collected from the Eisteddfod Office, St Mary's Hall, Castling Street. You may request a set poem by email, phone or on your entry form.

Can I pay for my entry with EFTPOS or Credit Card?

This year, we have EFTPOS or Credit Card facilities at the office and at the theatre.

When I put my entry in, what will I get in receipt of payment?

Your Competitor's Ticket will be posted to you.

Your Competitor's Ticket serves as receipt and acceptance of your entry and, of course, it also allows admission to all Sessions at all venues. It also shows your Competitor's number, which can be used on our Programme page to find information on the Sections you have entered.

Alternatively, your Competitor's Ticket will be held at the Eisteddfod Office and can be collected at your convenience.

Why have I received more than one Competitor's Ticket?

If you have entered as part of a small group, that entry will have its own number and each member should receive a separate ticket.
If you have more than one solo entry and your name, birthdate or address differs on these entries, this can create 2 separate identities.

Closing Dates -

Why are the closing dates set so early?

We cannot even begin to plan the running of the Eisteddfod until we know how many entries there are in each Section.
There are many factors to be considered and we try to make a timetable that is convenient and efficient for as many people as possible.

The closing date for all entries is usually set early in June.
The closing date for submission of literary and visual arts pieces is usually set early in August, because these have to be sent to Adjudicators and then returned in time for display during the Eisteddfod.


Reasonable amendments may be made to entries already received.

Authorised copies of "own choice" music and scripts must be submitted on the day of performance, well before the start of your Section (that's when the competitor should be there anyway!)

Timetable -

Can special arrangements be made for programming for me?

Organising our timetable is a complex process with many matters to be considered. Every effort is made to be as sensitive to the needs of individuals and groups as possible, however we are unable to make special arrangements for each competitor. Once the programme is formalised there can be no major changes.

Can I swap from an A section to a B section?

When there are a large number of competitors entered in a section, it may be divided. If you are placed in an A section you are unable to change and perform in a B section.

Pre-performance -

What is meant by Australian Composer?

Works by an Australian Composer do not include folk songs arranged by an Australian Musician.
For more information contact: -

Australian Music Centre
PO Box N690
Grosvenor Place
NSW, 1220
Web site:
Toll free: 1300 651 834
Phone: (02) 9247 4677
Fax: (02) 9241 2973
Performance -

Can I pre-book tickets for the Civic Theatre or C2?

You are unable to book tickets. Tickets can be obtained from our ticket sellers in the foyer prior to and during the session that you wish to watch. If you require one, a passout will be available that will allow re-entry to that session.

What time will my child/group perform?

Unless your child is in the first Section of a Session, there is no way to predict exactly when your child or group will perform. The Programme Book and the website publish start times for the relevant Session, which will contain a number of Sections and typically lasts 3 to 4 hours. Factors that may affect the time include the number of competitors who pull out of the previous sections and the time taken for the adjudicator's deliberations.

Where do I go to check in at the Civic Theatre?

The Competitor should report to the Marshall in the appropriate venue prior to the commencement of their Section. .A copy of their "own choice"material should be handed to the Marshall. The Marshall at the Civic Theatre can be found by following the corridor around to the back Stage Door. The Marshall’s desk is in the back stage area, inside the sound locks.
The entrance to Venue C2 is on the eastern side of the building. The Marshall at C2 is just inside the entrance door.

Can I reserve a dressing room?

Dressing rooms are available on a first in, first served basis and there are no facilities to reserve one. However, dressing rooms 1,2 & 3 are unavailable for use by competitors as they are reserved for the committee and adjudicators.
During the dancing week of the eisteddfod dressing room 5 is reserved for use by male competitors.

Are there specified areas for seating in the auditorium?

For most sessions there is no specific seating plan. When choirs (including speech choirs) are performing the rear of the theatre is reserved for the members of the choirs. Other patrons are requested to sit from H row forward.

Do I have to be there for the whole session?

No. Some patrons choose to watch only the item in which their child or group is performing, but you are most welcome to watch the entire session if you are able. Patrons are not allowed admittance during an item.

Post-Performance -

How do I get my adjudicator's report at the Civic Theatre?

After completion of the section, adjudicator's reports are available in the foyer of the theatre. The reports can be obtained by asking for them by Competitor's Number.

How do I get my adjudicator's report at C2?

At C2, adjudicator's reports are handed to the competitors after completion of each section.
All reports can be obtained by quoting your Competitor's Number.

I didn't pick up my adjudicator's report after the section, can I still collect it?

At the end of each section, all uncollected reports are returned to the Green Room at the Civic Theatre. These can be collected at any time during the eisteddfod by asking for them by section number and competitor's number.

Information for Bandleaders
To avoid backstage congestion, and limit set-up time for bands, the following percussion instruments are available for the use of all groups.

 4 pedal timpani
 1 snare drum and stand
 1 orchestral bass drum
 1 pair orchestral crash cymbals
 1 bass drum (small size for primary school groups)
 1 suspended cymbal
 1 glockenspiel and stand
 1 drum kit
 1 xylophone

All groups are requested not to bring these instruments to the Civic Theatre.

Townsville Eisteddfod
Updated 30 September 2017
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